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REGST87 - Heat Powered Stove Fan - Black Blade
  • The Regin Stove Range Heat Powered Stove Fan is designed to circulate the warm air that is created by a stove operating with normal surface temperature between 65°C and 345°C. 
  • The warm air is pushed out into the living area rather than just rising to the ceiling above the stove. 
  • Improved warm air circulation results in greater heat dispersion and less fuel consumption. 
  • The stove fan does not use batteries or mains power.
  • The specifically designed blade delivers a very broad cross section of gentle air movement.
  • The stove fan starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the stove's temperature. 
  • It runs faster to move more air into the room as the stove heats up, and automatically slows down and stops as the stove burns down & cools.

    • Needs no electricity.
    • Circulates warm air throughout the room.
    • Burn less wood.
    • Silent operation.

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