Oil Suction Pump

REGO85 – Oil Suction Pump

Regin Oil Suction Pump 250ml

  • The Regin oil-priming pump is doubly efficient, because it extracts and fills simultaneously with every stroke. Can be used for transfilling fuel oils, mineral, synthetic and biological oils, benzine, coolants, anti-freeze, ethyl alcohol, petroleum, brake fluid and others.
  • For the start-up of oil burner systems.
  • Transfers the oil easily and quickly from the tank to the burner.
  • No more difficult filling of the oil line required.
  • Indispensible if the tank is empty.
  • Avoids harmful dry-running of the oil burner pump.
  • Complete with 1 x suction hose with 3/8” connection and 1 x drain hose.
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