Flue‘n’Fire Seal 1500˚C Silicate Cement - Natural 150ml

REGZ31 - Flue‘n’Fire Seal 1500°C Silicate Cement - Natural

  • 150ml Natural (medium brown) Regin Flue’n’Fire Seal
  • High Temperature Resistant Silicate Cement Sealant is specifically designed for permanently repairing and sealing joints, cracks and fissures in fireplaces, ovens, chimneys and other surfaces where heat resistance is required­­­­­­.
  • It can also be used for the repairing and assembling of vehicle exhaust systems. Heat resistant to 1500°C. Good adhesion to metal, brick and concrete.
  • Can be overpainted.
  • Primers not required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supplied with nozzle.
  • Multi purpose.

F.A.Q - Cures within 2 hours, however we always recommend leaving for 12 hours before firing up the heat source

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