Premier '60' Gauge - Reduced Scale 60mbar

REGU40 - Premier 60 Manometer

  • A solid acrylic gauge in a tough metal casing.
  • Measures to 24in.w.g. or 60 mbar. Easy zero adjustment and a clear accurate scale.
  • Blue fluid for ease of reading in poorly lit locations.
  • Trap chambers reduce the possibility of fluid loss through spillage or overpressure.
  • Hanging slot and strap.
  • Overall length - approx. 22” (560mm).
  • Supplied in a nylon protective bag.
  • Please note: use only 1.88 SG fluid (REGU70).
  • Spares available.

IGEM/UP/1B EDITION 3+A: 2012 (With Amends October 2012) states that all gauges can be used for gas tests including the Regin Premier specific gravity gauge.

How to fill a premier gauge instructions

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