REGU35 - Premier '45' Gauge - Reduced Scale 45mbar

REGU35 - Premier 45 Manometer

The one and only 'Regin Premier Gauge'. Tried and tested by thousands of heating engineers all over the U.K for over 30 years and considered the gold standard of gas pressure testing through traditional means. This also means no expensive calibration costs every year as it works through gravitational readings.

  • A solid acrylic gauge in a tough metal casing.
  • Measures to 18in.w.g. or 45 mbar.
  • Easy zero adjustment and a clear accurate scale.
  • Blue fluid for ease of reading in poorly lit locations.
  • Trap chambers reduce the possibility of fluid loss through spillage or overpressure.
  • Hanging slot and strap.
  • Overall length - approx. 18” (450mm).
  • Supplied in a nylon protective bag.
  • Please note: use only 1.88 SG fluid (REGU70).
  • Spares available.

IGEM/UP/1B EDITION 3+A: 2012 (With Amends October 2012) states that all gauges can be used for gas tests including the Regin Premier specific gravity gauge.

How to fill a premier gauge instructions

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